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Question: Talking about Damodara month, we try to organize home programs as well as public programs. Out of the two, which would you be more pleased with? Which one would you like us to focus upon? House program or public program?

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Jayapataka Swami: Ah yes! Next question! Ha! Whatever you can do! Not that I like one program and don’t like another. It would be good idea to do a public program every day. When you cannot do a public program, do a house program, but get contacts as far as possible. You can get those people to participate in some self-realization or similar class. And after a class attendance, they can become bhakti vrksa members or manjari members. This way they can become more involved in Krsna consciousness. So I don’t know which way you get contacts. Public program or house program. In Malaysia in Diwali, he got some booth in the flea market. In the month, he had about fifty or hundred thousand people. You can use your creativity and see how to best realize the facilities you have, to take advantage of this Damodara month. Everybody who comes here to the temple, they can offer a ghee wick to the deities. Like this, in Mayapur we have a form that people can fill out, which they like to do. They like the blessing of Iskcon guru, they like to know about Srila Prabhupada books, they would like to help with the annadana or life member or kirtan program, or how to practice Krsna consciousness from their house. So various things, they can tick. So like this, people come here to Tirupati from Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, from all over India. So similarly in Chennai and different places, you can see how to best realize this opportunity of special mercy IN THE MONTH OF DAMODARA! Haribol!