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Question: For many days now we are hearing about the very merciful Lord Nityananda prabhu with regard to Jagai and Madhai. That Nitai prabhu is manifest as Nitai Pada Kamala in our Bhajan Kutir. How did Nitai Pada Kamal Doyal Thakur come to Mayapur? Since when are They are here? Kindly tell us something about that.

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Jayapataka Swami: The small Nitai Gaura in the Bhajan Kutir were first brought to Mayapur by a travelling vaisnava. Nitai Gaura at that time, I didn’t have any use. Then we had the Nitai Pada Kamala boat and we needed deities. So we asked Srila Prabhupada, he told us we should get Nitai Gaura or Jagannath, Baladeva and Subadra because they can swim. Otherwise if the boat sinks, They can float so we can save Them. So then I wanted to find out where those Nitai Gaura were. And I heard They were in Ekacakra. So I went to Ekacakra and they told me that those Nitai Gaura Deities were from (name of the town not clear) in Murshidabad district. So then we went to Murshidabad district to… Of course I just wanted Nitai Gaura Deities and I didn’t know they were the same one. I saw the Deities were the same Deities. So they told me that a vaisnava had left Them and had wanted 300 rupees. It was a reasonable price. But many of the babajis and others there said, ‘no, no, you should not give him, he is a westerner.’ Then the mahanta, the head said, ‘no, he is a vaisnava so give Them.’ So I took those Nitai Gaura back here and Srila Prabhupada installed Them and worshiped Them on the Nitai Pada Kamala boat. And now they go every year with the International party on the parikrama. Jai Nitai Gauuuuura ki jai!