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Special Radhashtami Class at 7.30am IST

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Today is the auspicious day of the appearance of Srimati Radharani. She appeared in Raval. She was in a thousand-petaled lotus with a huge effulgence. That was floating in the Yamuna river. Lord Brahma appeared and said to King Vrsabhanu to take Her and take very good of Her. But Her eyes were closed. She did not cry. When there was a festive occasion, they put Krsna in the same place as Radharani. Lord Krsna was gazing at Radharani. Radharani could smell the presence of Krsna. Then She opened Her eyes and the first person She saw was Krsna. And She was crying.

Navadvipa is a sacred land, created by Srimati Radharani. Lord Krsna told Srimati Radharani because You made this place for Me, I will reside here eternally. In Navadvipa, Krsna is combined with Radharani as Gauranga or Gaurahari.

For us, Radhastami is a very special day in the year. We hope that all the devotees will take advantage of the mercy of Radha Madhava and Lord Caitanya. Jaya Sri Radhe!