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Question: What would be our mood during doing Damodar house programs and how to inspire bhakti vrksa members to do more service during this month?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, I asked Srila Prabhupada, that what can we do extra in the month of Damodara? And he said that, different shops have sales to attract new customers. We go to the shop and see 50% or 70% discount. Sometimes it is written in small, ‘upto’ . That attracts new customers. But if you think that you wanted to visit that particular shop or store, when you see there is a sale on it, it attracts new customers. So Srila Prabhupada said, the month of Damodara, the sacred months, are to attract new customers. You are a regular customer; you get all the benefit every month. Whether there is a sale or not, you are a regular customer. This is to attract the new customers. So what to say of a 50% discount, in the month of Damodara, you get a 99% discount, 99 PER CENT!! And if they get 1% they get the deal! If there is a car 10 lacs, if they pay 10 thousand they get it! Who won’t take it? A mobile phone costs a lac, you pay 1000, you get it. I phone he said! Ha! So even more! So somehow or another, you have to try to enthuse the new people, that normally they might not do much in devotional service, but in this month even if they do a little bit, it will bring a big result! So that may encourage them to do something.
03-October-2019 CHENNAI, INDIA