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Question: During Damodara month some devotees locally offer a candle and some offer LED candle, some offer a ghee lamp. Is it ok to adjust according to time, place and circumstance, to offer a LED lamp versus offering a ghee lamp

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, since maybe in the West they have regulations restricting you from offering flame. So if you have to use the LED light, what can you do? It is the thought that counts. If there is no restriction, no limitation, then we would like to offer a ghee lamp or something. We were in South America in a town hall in Cuenca, Ecuador. There people were used to using candles. So we offered candles to Yasoda Damodara and the South Americans, they could accept this offering of candle. Ghee wick is something foreign to the foreigners. Ha! Ha! So whatever is acceptable in the local society, due to time, place and circumstance. So Krsna is a person so He will accept. Hare Krsna.