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Happy Poila Baisakh

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Today is the Bengali New Year, and so the beginning of our, Poila Baisakh, Baisakh month vrata. I wish all who are celebrating the New Year today, please accept my best wishes!

Day before yesterday we had the Karnataka, Telugu Ugadi New Year festival, Maharashtra Gudi Padwa New Year festival, Kashmiri New Year Navreh and Manipuri New Year cheiraoba. Yesterday was the Tamil New Year festival Puthandu and Kerala New Year festival Vishu as well as Assamese New Year Bohag Bihu. In South India, they make a special preparation with neem flower and gur (unrefined sugar) to include sweet and bitterness which shows that life is both bitter and sweet and both should be accepted the same way.

So my best wishes for all those who are celebrating the New Year Day around this time – “Kṛṣṇe matir astu”!