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Question: How to get aasakti on Srila Prabhupada’s book reading?

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Jayapataka Swami: By reading Srila Prabhupada’s books you naturally become attached to the subject matter. I was thinking how wonderful Prahlad maharaj is and how the Lord came to protect him and even though his father was trying to kill him, he could not harm Prahlad. So in different pastimes of the Lord His pure devotees are mentioned in the Bhagavata purana and naturally your attachment to the Lord increases more and more as you see how much He is wonderful!! His nature, His quality, everything is super wonderful!! In the material world we have to serve crazy bosses and instead we can serve the Lord and be His eternal servitor. As such we have to serve so why not serve the Lord? So that is the great gift of Caitanya Mahaprabhu – by practicing bhakti yoga we can serve the Lord! Haribol!