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Question: Can you please explain the land of Audarya?

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Jayapataka Swami: You would like to know the glories of Audarya Dhama. Who here knows what is Audarya Dhama? Raise your hands! No one is raising their hands! They are asking an esoteric question!. Here no one knows Audarya Dhama. Audarya means what? Vrindavana is Madurya Dhama, the land of great sweetness, and Jagannath Puri is Aiswarya Dhama, the land of opulence. What dhama is Audarya Dhama? The land of mercy, mercy, mercy! The land is Navadvip Mayapur Dhama! There one gets mercy easily. Hardly any offence is considered,but in Vrindavana any offence you do, thousand times reaction, anything you do good you get thousand times. But in Audarya dhama anything you do you get thousand times, but for offences it is more considerate. Vaisnava offence maybe an exception but there may be forgivance for that also.  So this Audarya dhama means that we get the mercy very easily. Srila Jagannath das Babaji, he was in Vrindavana but he felt it was too hot, too heavy, because any offence, any mistake he made it was multiplied thousand times. So he went to Mayapur Dhama. In Navadvip dhama, we get thousand times benefit of anything devotional, but offences you will not have so much reaction. So there he achieved his realization. He is known as Siddha Jagannath das babaji and there he achieved his siddha swarup, realization of his eternal, spiritual form and his eternal relationship with Krsna. So these are the glories of Audarya Dhama. If you want to make quick advancement in Krsna consciousness go to Audarya dhama. Haribol!  Haribol! Haribol! Who wants mercy? Now everybody is raising their hands!