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Question: I am a student mixing in school with all types of children. How can I keep my Krsna consciousness with all?

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Jayapataka Swami: So Prahlad maharaj, he was a student in the school of Hiranyakasipu. The children were sons of demons. Bad association. But he told them they should all chant the names of Krsna. They said, we are children, we want to play. When we are older we will think about that. He said, you should analyse, the first 20 years of your life you spend in sports and playing and last 20 years is old age, you can get sick, weak and tired. And when you are married you have to maintain your family. So half the life is gone in eating and sleeping. So when will you do it? You should do it now! So they all began to chant. Haribol! So like this you have to be strong as a student. Rather than taking association of your fellow students, you should give your association. Don’t be a follower, be a leader!