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Question: How do we know what aparadh we have caused unknowingly or unintentionally in whose feet, how do we realize it?Even if it was not our fault or a misconception, what do we do? How do we get rid of it? What is the compensation? How do we correct ourselves?

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Jayapataka Swami: What is an offence is mentioned in the Nectar Of Devotion. Just that someone thinks you are offensive, doesn’t necessarily mean you have committed an offence. There are particular offenses mentioned, ten offences to the holy name, ten offences to the holy dhama, 64 seva offences. So if you have committed any of those offenses, you can ask the person you have offended for forgiveness, and if they don’t forgive, then somehow try to get the dust from their lotus feet. If you have committed an offense against the deity, you can pray to the deity to forgive you. There is a prayer to Lord Krsna to please forgive me for my unlimited offences. In Navadvip parikrama the Koladvip is known as Aparadh banjan Kulia Pat and there we can get forgiven for various offences.