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Question: I have a guilt that I am not able to serve your Holiness as I am very lazy in preaching services, so please guide me how can I be more proactive in preaching services and please you?

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Jayapataka Swami: Preaching may be to one person or 10 people or 50 people or 100 people or 1000 people. Preaching means like Lord Caitanya ordered, yare dekho tare kaho Krishna upadesha. Whoever you meet, tell them the message of Krishna. So, how to do that each time, place and person and circumstance may vary but to whatever extent you have influence, try to use that to encourage the person to chant the holy names. Right now, the Supreme Court of India is saying that the anxiety of the corona virus may kill more people than the virus itself. So, they are saying that to recommend people to do bhajan, kirtana and namaz. So even the Supreme Court said that. So we are saying the same thing that to defeat the anxiety and fear, mantra chanting is very effective. Recently, some doctor did a study and found that the chanting of mantra makes the mind more peaceful, that’s the materialistic viewpoint. We know that by chanting the name of Krishna, one cleans the heart, one’s devotion is awakened and its beneficial on multiple levels, the side effect is that it makes the mind peaceful. So, anyway whether people like the materialistic viewpoint or the spiritual guidance, we should somehow get them to chant and that will benefit the whole country, the whole world and the individuals. So, I pray every day that you be enthusiastic to spread the message and that you be successful in doing so, so at least you can try. At this time apparently the people are a little bit more interested since the fear of corona virus is affecting everyone. Delhi is one of the hot-spots in India. I think Maharashtra is one, Chennai 2, and Delhi 3 or something like that. I don’t keep track, but Delhi is up there, so get the people to chant and that will help them. I appreciate even your desire to help me.