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Question: How to continue chanting 16 rounds when one has to spend too much time in office. Have been facing this problem for the past two months.

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Jayapataka Swami: In the office, you just have to be there or are you actually busy with the work? Some people they have the program app which you can download from the internet. You can just push and then it comes up! Some people have that in their computer and they chant in their office!  So they don’t have any real work but they look very busy! But if you have actual work, then how much? 8 hours, 10 hours? How much work do they give you? You need an hour and a half or two hours max to chant 16 rounds. So you can chant on the way to home on bus, and you can chant going to work certain number of rounds, at work some rounds and going home rounds. So it is time management. I have to do everyday some exercise and they will make me exercise and I will also chant. So somehow I make up 16 plus rounds everyday. It may not be the best thing but what else can I do? You have to see how you can do that. Some people are able to chant all their rounds first thing in the morning and some people have to chant in intervals during the day.  Before lunch, after lunch, before breakfast, after breakfast. Going to work, coming from work. Somehow they cover 16 rounds all day. If you have some rounds short you can try and make it up later on. If you are working late in the office – maybe a year end phenomena, or some deadline project, maybe for a short time you have to work hard and then afterwards you can make up, like I fell behind of five rounds, then afterwards I made it up. So we give ladies who are having childbirth fifteen days’ credit. Since in childbirth it is difficult to keep up with all the rounds. So like we try to be sensitive to different situations, but we want to chant.