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JSSS Worldwide Virtual Retreat Day 2

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JSSS Worldwide organized a 2 day Virtual Retreat. They had various programs consisting of panel discussion, talks by senior devotees, sharing their personal experiences and learnings and practical advice on how devotees can care for each other.

I am very grateful that JSSS worldwide is helping to connect the disciples with me. It will be nice to have more people join JSSS groups. We want all people to participate in the JPS Care and JSSS. We want devotees to be attached to this Vaisanava association. I want to take care of the disciples. I want to see they go back to Godhead. Please help me!

We are thankful for the JSSS Worldwide organizers, technical team, translation team and everyone for their efforts for coordinating these wonderful efforts. I would like to thank Nitai Sevini devi dasi, Mathura Lilesvari devi dasi, Sri Vallabha dasa, Ciranjiva dasa, Chudamani dasi, Vaishnava Prana dasa, Shabda Hari dasa, Deva Madhava dasa, Upendra Gauranga dasa & Kasturi Manjari Kripa devi dasi, Jagannatha Kirtanananda dasa, Iksvaku dasa, Marici dasa and all the speakers. Hare Krsna!