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Question: How do we know what aparadh we have caused unknowingly or unintentionally in whose feet, how do we realize it? Even if it was not our fault and just a misconception or a misunderstanding? What do we do?

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Jayapataka Swami: That is why there is a prayer to Lord Krsna please forgive me for my unlimited offences, knowingly or unknowingly, committed at Your lotus feet. So we may commit so many offences, but we pray to Krsna to forgive us for all of them. If we know that we have offended somebody, we can either get forgiveness from that person or we can touch, get the dust of their lotus feet. People used to walk barefoot then, but now people wear slippers and flip flops. So we leave a little dust on the flip flops, when no one is looking, sneak some dust and put on your head!