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Question: How to deal with devotees who are professional liars?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, if you have someone you know who is what you call, an addicted liar, a perpetual liar, then one thing is we may not have to believe what he says! Ha! Ha! We don’t have to worry about ourselves. Just that if someone tells us something and they are normally teller of falsehood, we take it with a grain of salt, that means we don’t take it at its face value. But I hope that mostly devotees don’t fall in this category, and maybe they will see things in a different way. So that may be a matter of perception, that they perceive the truth in one way and we perceive the truth in another way. So any way Krsna says in Bhagavad-gita that even if someone performs an abominable act, if they are a devotee, they should be respected. So there was a devotee who was a professional thief, but he became a devotee. So he was advised just take the things and shift them around a little bit. That way his propensity to steal was satisfied but he didn’t actually take anybody’s stuff! So if somehow, people have come to bhakti yoga they are very fortunate.