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Question: : What to do when we cannot reach you for some important decision making and guidance? At the same time whatever guidance; we receive from the seniors are not satisfactory and not solving the issues?

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Jayapatākā Swami: I hear different emails every day and I have certain corresponding secretaries, like Rādhāramaṇa Sevaka dāsa and others. So you write to me and don’t get a reply in a week, then you could write a WhatsApp message to my corresponding secretary that why you are not getting a reply and usually, you will get a reply. But at least you will be told why you are not getting a reply. And right now, we also have the Jayapatākā Swami Disciples’ e-Care and you can write to them also. So I am trying to make myself available and I don’t know who is the śikṣā guru you have faith in. You can ask or suggest a śikṣā guru and get some authorization. Otherwise, try to contact me as I mentioned. Thank you very much.
20-February-2022 Chennai, India