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Question: How can I progress in devotional life? Please kindly explain.

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Jayapatākā Swami: We want to practice the nine processes of bhakti-yoga. And [inaudible] We want to finish our business in this life. That is why we have to remain very focused. [Inaudible] by gradually following the instructions of the spiritual master we cross over the anarta-nivṛtti stage. Then we become fixed, that is the stage of niṣṭhā. And then that will give you taste for devotional service. That is called the stage of ruci. And then we [inaudible] stage of āsakti. When we become attached to devotional service then we have ecstasy. That is called the stage of bhava. That is like a silver coin. Then prema [inaudible] 04-July-2022 Kolkata, India