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Question: How important is it to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s service? It seems sometimes authorities neglect to do this, or else do not do because they think maybe will cause prathista?

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Jayapataka Swami: There are six ways of exchanging love in devotional service. One way is to glorify another devotee and accept a devotee’s association. So we shouldn’t worry about making someone filled with some prathista. That is not our worry. We would like to glorify. The spiritual master may not do so, because it is not good if the spiritual master glorifies his disciple. But sometimes the spiritual master may do so. But there is no such restriction from other devotees to do so. And if we think someone is a good example, what is the harm in mentioning it? How important it is to do so? In the Siksastakam by Lord Caitanya, in the third verse He said amina mana dena, respect others but don’t expect respect for yourself.  So you should give respect to others, that is Lord Caitanya’s instruction, but you should not desire respect for yourself – that is also His instruction. If you say oh you are great, then you think, ok, now he will say I am great! That is not proper! We should say without any interest. Hare Krsna!