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Question: How do we get that vision to see Krsna in every action, in practicality, in every step of our life, being a grihastha we are involved in so many things?

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Jayapataka Swami:   How can we see Krsna in our life as grihasthas? Whether grihastha or bana vasi, you can see Krsna at all times if you have the proper vision. If you are a grihastha, you have your wife, your children, your husband, you have in laws. So there are many things, you have finance, education. You can think of Krsna, in all these emergencies that how I can be Krsna conscious in all these entanglements? Uttara, the wife of Abhimanyu carried Pariksit maharaj in her womb. She was a widow. Her husband was killed in the battle of Kuruksetra. But then, Asvattama sent a Brahmastra to kill her child. And she approached Krsna, that Krsna ‘let me die but let my embryo, let my child be saved.’ This is a true motherly love. But Krsna entered in her womb and neutralized the Brahmastra, and Pariksit maharaj saw Krsna when he was in the womb. So his whole life, like he had the name Pariksit because he was giving pariksa. He was testing, are you Krsna I saw? Are you? Are you? So everyone he would look and ask if he was the person who came in his womb (audio break) and saved me from the Brahmastra of Asvattama. So, Uttara was a grihastini. She was pregnant, she had the last emperor of the dynasty of Yudhisthira maharaj. But she took shelter of Krsna. So we can take shelter in the same way. We want to serve Krsna and then we take His shelter in any situation. Grihasthas may have more situations, you have trouble to think of Krsna. You don’t have problems in your life? We sing samsara dava nala lida loka tranaya karunaya ghana ghanatvam – the material world is like a forest fire. You see the bush fire in Australia, some crores of animals were killed, crores! So when there is a forest fire, there is fire, here there, everywhere, fire, fire! So we are in the material world, and at every step there is danger, and it is like a forest fire. And that by the mercy of guru, by the mercy of Krsna, we can get over this danger. So, you should think of Krsna every time. If you are not, then you are asking for more danger! And maya will force you to think of Krsna or surrender to her – one way or the other. You want Krsna, and Krsna seva? Or you want maya and entanglement? What should be done? Haribol! Thank you very much!