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Question: How a person who has believed in the Lord, but impersonal form, like his father is 61 years old, how can he become a devotee?

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Jayapataka Swami: By doing a lot of service one naturally becomes a devotee. I had one life member in Guwahati. He was an impersonalist. He would meditate in his closet, naked, sitting on a deer skin, Ommmmmm! He was completely impersonal. I told him one, in the 14th chapter last verse, it says that Krsna is the basis of the impersonal brahman. Brahmano pratista aham. So is it true? How is it possible? He was getting dizzy! Whole life he was impersonal and now he was fixed – He is a person. Next day I saw, he was very happy. I said, what’s that. He said, I talked to the head of Sanskrit in the Guwahati university, and he said that brahmano pratistaaham means four headed Brahma! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! In the purport Srila Prabhupada said that it doesn’t mean that. Any way, he was a hopeless case, but we engaged him in doing service. He liked to do service. After a couple of years he said, you know, I was trying to understand what you mean. God is a person! Ha! Ha! So if a person is completely short circuited, just engage him in service, and maybe his circuits will be arranged!