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Question: Could you describe the kirtan of Lord Nityananda?

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Jayapataka Swami: In Panihati they were doing kirtan for many, many days. And thus they started to manifest super powers; One devotee went to the top of a tree and started jumping from tree to tree like a balloon. Another devotee uprooted a tree and started dancing with it. A whole big tree, he danced. One devotee took a 60 foot long bamboo, held it on one side and played it like a flute. It is very hard though with so much weight. Raghava Pandit said, this way I will not have any trees left! Please move your kirtan on! I won’t be able to offer you any sabzis, any trees, if all are uprooted. Lord Caitanya gradually headed from Panihati to Korda and different places and in this way throughout Bengal His sankirtan went on day and night. Haribol! Thank you very much.