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Question: How did Murari Gupta and Caitanya Mahaprabhu meet?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, Murari Gupta was a physician. He was giving a class on the Patanjali yoga system. So Lord Caitanya as a small child, He was walking by and He didn’t like His devotee giving a class on yoga, on the impersonal yoga. So, He interrupted Murari Gupta’s class by mimicking what he was saying – And you should do pranayama, hold your nose (Jayapataka Swami repeated this like the child Nimai in a sing song manner!!) And everyone laughed! Ha! Ha! Ha! Murari Gupta, he was seriously giving a class. You should do your breathing in, breathing out. (Again Jayapataka Swami repeated this like the child Nimai in a sing song manner!) Then he said, who are You? You are the son of a brahmana, why are You acting in this way? Lord Caitanya said, just that you have interrupted your bhakti yoga, I will interrupt your lunch! So that day, Lord Caitanya went back to His house and He dressed up just like Krsna. Peacock in His hair, wearing a sash around His waist, having ankle bells, He walked over to Murari Gupta’s house. Murari Gupta lived very close to Lord Caitanya’s house. So then Murari Gupta was taking his prasadam and then Lord Caitanya in a very loud voice, He said, MURARI GUPTA! Murari Gupta got shocked, who is that loud voice? He went out to the door and he saw little Caitanya. He said, just like you have interrupted your bhakti, teaching impersonal yoga, I have interrupted your lunch! He was wondering, how does this little toddler know bhakti yoga, hatha yoga? And then he walked away – Lord Caitanya walked away. Murari Gupta thought, He was just like Krsna, only He is yellow, golden color, otherwise He is just like Krsna. So then he went to the house, at that time Jagannath Misra, he was holding Lord Caitanya, smelling His hair. And then his wife would take Him on her lap and she hugged Gauranga and then held Him. Murari Gupta had walked in but they didn’t see Him.  But then he finally saw, he bowed down and started namo brahmana devaya go brahmana hitaya ca, jagat hitaya Krsnaya Govindaya namo namaha. So, Jagannath Misra, he was bewildered, why is the greatest physician of Navadvip coming to my house and why is he offering Krsna pranama? He asked Murari Gupta, we are very honored that you have come! You are a famous physician of Navadvip. Please tell us what can we do for you? And he looked at Lord Caitanya. He grabbed Jagannath Misra, I am going to tell you something. You are THE MOST FORTUNATE. AH, AH, I WANT MUMMY! AHHHHH! Lord Caitanya started screaming, so he was censored, so he could not speak what he wanted. But he wanted to say that Jagannath Misra was the most fortunate person because his son was KRSNA HIMSELF! Haribol! Haribol! Gauuuuranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! I think that was the first time that Murari Gupta met with Lord Caitanya. But maybe he met before, I don’t know. But, as I can remember it was the first time. At least on this occasion, he realized that the little baby, Gauranga, Gaurahari, Sacinandana was actually Krsna Himself.