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Question: How to do book distribution and inspire people where they are not interested in taking books?

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Jayapataka Swami: Everybody wants to be happy. If they see you are happy and you tell them how you are happy by reading the books, then maybe they will be interested to read the book. If you say something that they cannot relate to it, they may not be interested. You have to see what they are interested in. What they are related to. And accordingly you can tell them how the books will help them. One book distributor was distributing books at the airport in New Orleans and nobody would buy any books. They were interested in other things. So one plane landed and the book distributor went to each passenger. One passenger said, ‘DON’T BOTHER ME, TODAY IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE, THE WORST DAY!’  ‘Oh, we are here to help people who are having the worst day of their life! So what happened, why is today the worst day of your life?’ ‘You see, I went to the college. Ok, why did you go to college? I am married, why did I marry? I worked and why did I work? I do everything for my mother. I went to school, I married, I worked, everything to please my mother, and she DIED TODAY! TODAY IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. MY MOTHER LEFT.’ ‘No Bhagavad-gita tells your mother did not die!’ ‘SHE IS STILL ALIVE! REALLY?’  ‘Yes, the soul never dies, the body only dies.’ ‘Does it say in your book?’ ‘YES! YES! Right here!’ ‘Ok can I have the book for 20 dollars? Actually the book is only 5 dollars, but if you give 20 it is ok!’ He took the book and he went very happy, ‘oh, my mother is alive!’ So this is what the Bhagavad Gita tells us that the soul never dies. We just go through the changes of our body. Just like we take out old clothes and wear new clothes, we leave the old body and take a new body.