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Question: Currently, GBC devotees hosting department, I am hosting all the GBC delegates who are coming here. I heard in sastras that athithi, someone who comes as a guest without prior intimation, we should host them very nicely in such a way that they get pleased. But currently even after intimating in advance what time they are coming, we are unable to meet their expectations. So in ancient days how did they please all the guests? And how can I carry that mood in my life and please all the vaisnavas?

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Jayapataka Swami: Give them sweet words and ask them if there is anything that they need, anything they want and just be sincerely concerned to offer them service. And you can offer them some sweet appreciation of their coming, I am very glad to have the opportunity to serve such senior vaisnavas and apologize that we know that we are not qualified to serve you, but still we are hoping that we may please you. Tell me what I can do for you? If there is anything you need. Like this.