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Question: Even though we are chanting, dancing and offering to Krsna, there is more and more vaisnava aparadha these days. Is this just a symptom of kali yuga or are we missing a bigger lesson?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, when we first started preaching in the western world, Canada and USA, we were getting very good response. Gradually that started to come down. Now we have a lot of Indian expats settled in America and not so many Americans as before. So Srila Prabhupada was asked why so many Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc. why they joined, he said that in the beginning there was no vaisnava aparadh, ha! Ha! They were sinful but they were not committing any offence to the vaisnavas because there were no vaisnavas! But then now there are a lot of vaisnavas, you have more opportunity to commit blasphemy and offences. So you should be very careful not to think of the devotees of the Lord as ordinary individuals, not to offend them. Just like in Chinese they say, Wi guru, Wi guru, means I love guru. So you should say Wi bhakta, Wi bhakta, I love bhaktas! Ha! Ha!Thank you very much.