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Question: Few days back you mentioned in your lecture that devotees should not blaspheme other devotees or even they should not find fault in others. But a madhyama adhikari also judges others and according to his understanding, he avoids envious persons and makes good relationship with devotees, show compassion to the conditioned souls. If a kanista adhikari and madhyama adhikari is judging others, then what makes the difference between kanista and madhyama adhikari.

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Jayapataka Swami: The devotee who worships a deity, but doesn’t appreciate the devotees is a kanista adhikari. We try to help the innocent and we avoid the demons, that is the madhyama adhikari level. So madhyama knows who is a demon, but he doesn’t criticize other devotees. Uttama adhikari, he is able to preach even to the demons.