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Question: How is it that Mukunda Datta who was such a great devotee, committed offence by being in mayawadi association? And how does one become dear to Lord Caitanya, following in the footsteps of Mukunda Datta?

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Jayapataka Swami: Mukunda Datta sometimes associated with the mayawadis, based on some bad advice of some so called gurus. Sometimes someone as siksa guru or something but they are not actually sanctioned by the diksa guru. And in this case some guru gave advice to Mukunda that he could go to any class, it is alright. Just like in India, some people say, joto math, tato path, any path is the same. So on one hand, Lord Caitanya wanted to use Mukunda as an example, that he should be more careful, not to listen to mayawadis. But the other thing was that Mukunda was always chanting the name of Krsna, he was rendering devotional service, and so that is how he became dear to Lord Caitanya. And his love, when he thought that Lord Caitanya said, you will not see Me again, he was ready to commit suicide. Then he asked Srivas, when can I see the Lord again? And the Lord said, koti janma pore, Mukunda thought He was serious. That after ten million births! He started dancing and rejoicing I will see the Lord again, after ten million births again! So his love for Lord Caitanya, if you were told you could not see Lord Caitanya again for ten million births? How would you feel? Oh! I will go back in maya! But he was so anxious that when he heard I will see you again, you cannot compare. Mukunda Datta’s love was so great. So that is why Lord Caitanya said I was defeated by your love.