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Question: Could you please tell us more about this Jarasanda vaisnava?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, Jarasanda worshiped Lord Visnu but he wanted to kill Krsna. So Srila Prabhupada said that if someone wants to kill Krsna, they are a demon. But Jarasanda he was superficially worshiping Visnu, but he was also trying to kill Krsna, who is the source of Visnu. So that is why only he had material opulence. By his worship of Visnu, he gets some material opulence. He didn’t get spiritual blessing. He didn’t get spiritual bliss. Neither did he want to know about spiritual bliss. He only wanted material. So even by worshiping Krsna the demons get some material opulence. But if they are not a devotee, if they want to kill Krsna, then your worship of Visnu will only get you material benefit. Something you will get benefit, but that will not be the real spiritual bliss. That is the real thing to get. So unfortunately, although Jarasanda appeared to be a vaisnava, he was worshiping Visnu, because he wanted to kill Krsna, he was considered a demon. Not a real vaisnava. Jarasanda vaisnava is a kind of, you can say, a facetious thing. So called vaisnava, worshiping Visnu but you want to kill Krsna.