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Question: Because of Gaura’s extreme mercy, will all jivas eventually get Prema Bhakti?

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Jayapataka Swami: If they want they can get it easily. There may be some people who avoid. But Lord Caitanya was expressing to Haridas Thakur, that there were some yavanas and people of different religions and some fishermen etc. who somehow avoided His mercy. Haridas Thakur he replied that, all Hindus, sometimes they are attacked by a boar and they think that pigs are sacrilegious, and so they say haram, and haram in some languages means, oh, sacrilege! But haram literally means, oh, Rama! So somehow by chanting the name of Rama they will get the mercy even though they are chanting it accidentally. So like that there may be certain ways the people are chanting, even in the namabhas, they get the mercy! Like in America there are the Ramada Inns. So somehow Rama is mentioned there. Ramada Inn. Also in Singapore there is Ramada.