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Kirtana Festival in Krasnodar, Russia

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After the Caitanya Līlā class and home visits, I went to Krasnodar, Russia. Today, being Ekādaśī, many devotees from different cities gathered at this new temple in Krasnodar, to participate in saṅkīrtana. There are two temples in Krasnodar. This is the new temple, which is under construction, and they are planning to install Śrī Śrī Rādhā Śyāmasundara Deities next year on Rāma-navamī.

I spoke on the glories of Bhīma Pāṇḍava Nirjala Ekādaśī, and after that answered few questions. I am very happy to visit Krasnodar. I gave my best wishes and blessings to all the devotees.