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Question: I am always inspired by the disciples of Ramanujacarya. I also want to be dedicated in a similar way to you. But being a grihasta and a woman, sometimes I find it difficult to balance both material and spiritual. In which aspect can I please you? Please guide me.

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Jayapataka Swami: Now, personal servant of Ramanuja was a grihasta. And people criticized him. So then Ramanuja sent out two people and they came into the house where the wife of the personal servant was resting. And she had on her, gold ear rings and gold bracelets. So then she recognized, she saw that these are the students of Ramanujacarya, my guru. So then she turned over on one side so that they could easily steal her gold ornaments. But then she thought the other side is hidden, so I will turn over. And then they got frightened, maybe she woke up! So they pulled themselves out of the house, they had entered through the roof and so exited through the roof. So then they hid outside in the forest when they say that the servant of Ramanuja came and he saw his wife had ornaments on only one half. He said, what happened to you? Why are you wearing ornaments only on one side? She told what happened. And then he said, this is your problem. You THINK THAT YOU OWN THE ORNAMENTS! EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THE GURU! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE HIM! EVERYTHING ALREADY BELONGS TO HIM! And then the servants of Ramanuja who were hiding in the forest, heard all this. Then they went and Ramanujacarya sent them to the house of brahmacaris and sannyasis. They just took their kaupins and mixed them up! Their loin cloths, if you don’t know what kaupin is! In the morning they woke up and said, hey, you took my kaupin! And they had a real fight over their loin cloths! Ha! Ha! While the grihasta, he lost his gold but he was chastising the wife saying she lost the property of the guru. She thought she was giving. But anyway everything belongs to the guru. But the sannyasis were late to come to the guru’s class, fighting over who took whose kaupin!! So then Ramanuja asked the servants what happened. And they explained what happened. And all the sannyasis felt embarrassed that they fought over their kaupins. And the grihastas were unattached even to gold! So what does the kaupin value? So it doesn’t matter whether one is man or woman, grihasta or sannyasi, it is where your consciousness is. Haribol!29-FEBRUARY-2020 SRI MAYAPUR DHAM, INDIA