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Question: How to develop preaching mentality? I have a great desire for book distribution. (Guru maharaj exclaimed: Jai!) but there is my fear and ego which works. Like if someone rejects to take or throw bad words at me, dear guru maharaj, what is the solution for this?

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Jayapataka Swami: The Bhagavad-gita tells us we should avoid fear, anger, and it is fear of rejection. We offer this jewel to people and if they are fortunate they will accept, but if they reject, it is not our problem, it is their problem. We should be very tolerant and very humble and we don’t expect everyone to accept. So this great sage, he went to a house begging. And the householder told the wife, give him ashes from the choolah. They thought that ashes have no value, he can’t eat it, cannot sell it. But the sage thought if they give me ashes they will at least go through some effort to take out the ashes from the choolah and give it to him. He said, don’t just talk about it, give me the ashes, because he wanted to benefit them. So although they were rejecting him in a sense, saying give him ashes, useless thing! And he said don’t talk about it, give me the ashes, in this way you will be benefited. So at least something they gave.  Some grihasthas are very miserly and some are very gracious. The Vedas tell us that the grihasta should call outside his house, is anyone hungry? And if someone is hungry, then they give them prasadam.  Lord Caitanya as a grihasta, He would invite 10 or 20 sannyasis and poor people to His house and He would feed them with His own hands, prasadam.This is the grihasta dharma. His Mother Saci would say, we do not have enough food in the house to feed so many people. He said Krsna will provide. So just before cooking, someone would come by and give food, give grains, vegetables, that there was always enough to cook for the guests.