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Question: I am very attracted to Panca Tattva and Radha Madhava, but I live in Kolkata now and here Radha Govinda are present and I am not so attracted. Though sometimes I think the Lord is one and the same, then why this is happening to me? What is the solution for this?

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Jayapataka Swami:  Madhavendra Puri, he found a Gopal deity in Govardhan. That deity told him that He was feeling very hot and ordered Madhavendra Puri to get some sandalwood paste. Madhavendra Puri travelled along the path of the Ganges and arrived at Remuna. So there, Gopinath deity is there. So Gopinath, every day had bhoga offering of kheer, sweet rice, but one night, He took a pot and put it behind His cloth. Then He ordered the pujari in his dream that ‘I have kept a pot of kheer stowed away behind My cloth, there is a devotee of Mine, Madhavendra Puri, who is sitting in the market place and chanting japa. Please wake up and go give him this kheer.’ The pujari washed his hands and feet, wearing fresh clothes went to the deity room. Then he saw there was really a pot of kheer which Gopinath had hidden! After that Gopinath’s name came to be Kheer Cora Gopinath! Ha! The temple in Toronto has the deity of Kheer Cora Gopinath! So the pujari went and called out in the market, ‘Madhavendra Puri, Madhavendra Puri! Who is called Madhavendra Puri?’ Then he saw Madhavendra Puri. He told him, ‘you are the most fortunate of people in this world. For your sake Gopinath stole kheer today! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!’ The pujari told him the details and Madhavendra Puri had the kheer prasad happily. Then he quickly ran away from that place because he knew the next day there would be a large crowd there. So he went to Cuttack and got some sandalwood and started travelling towards Vrndavana, but when he reached Remuna, the Gopal Deity in his dream said that you should offer the sandalwood paste to Gopinath here and that He was non-different from Gopinath and by offering the sandalwood paste to Gopinath, He, Gopal, would also get the cooling effect. So it is natural that we have some relationship with a particular deity, but even if you are more attached to Radha Madhava and Panca Tattva, you can still worship Radha Govinda, that way Radha Madhava will also be happy!  Hare Krsna!