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Question: How one initiated devotee can connect to spiritual master in the physical absence of the spiritual master?

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Jayapataka Swami: Guru has gone back to Vaikuntha or is not in Guwahati and gone to another place? (The devotee said: Not in Guwahati). I am trying to start a ‘E Care’ for my disciples. This class is being broadcast on Facebook. I have Facebook in English, Bengali and other languages. I don’t have in Assamese. We need volunteers to be responsible for the Assamese page. We have Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Bengali, English, Russian, now we need Assamese. Anyone wants to volunteer? Anyway now we have Facebook, Twitter, email. So disciples can write to me and get a reply. Sometimes I delay but that is why I want to establish the E Care system so that there is no delay. A number of devotees from Bengaluru, Chennai, and England are working on this project.