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Question: I could not understand how the Lord’s transcendental ecstasy could be disturbed by the presence of Srivas Thakur’s mother in law who was not a devotee during His kirtana? Why was the kirtan nocturnal and closed in the early days and later on in the Ratha Yatra in Puri, the Lord exhibited ecstacies in kirtana, publicly? Please enlighten us.

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Jayapataka Swami: When Lord Caitanya came back from Gaya, His ecstacies were criticized by the non-devotees and they couldn’t understand. They thought He was sick. He had disturbed airs and they criticized. So He was invited by Srivas to have nocturnal kirtans in his garden house. So in the presence of devotees, He would express His separation for Krsna, He would express His transcendental ecstasy but when Srivas’s mother in law was hiding, then He said He didn’t feel ecstasy. He was just actually showing that Srivas was so great, that in order to satisfy Lord Caitanya, Srivas mistreated his mother in law. Normally, mother in laws are treated with respect. But Srivas showed that he was more attached to Lord Caitanya than His family relations. Hare Krsna! 11-FEBRUARY-2020 SRI MAYAPUR DHAM, INDIA