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Question: Can you say something about your current health?

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Jayapataka Swami: My current health. Somebody asked me, how am I? I said, I am grateful to Srila Prabhupada! How is your body? My body? I am not the body! So I have to take care of the body. I want to do many things, but my body cannot keep up! I used to go to three continents in one day! But now I move much slower! As I said, I couldn’t travel for one year, now I came here to organize my papers. I hope I can go to South America, I hope I visit Alachua, New Talavan, different places. Let us see what happens! I have to be very careful. Because if I get infection which is very easy because I am taking immunosuppressant drugs so then it is very dangerous. The doctor who saw me recently before I came here, he said I am … But I have to be more careful. My mask. But I see all these nice devotees, my god brothers and god sisters, my children, my grandchildren, nephews and nieces, it is a festival. Someone said, how do you remain enthusiastic? Everywhere I go, it is a festival! How can I not be enthusiastic? I hope that I can meet different devotees and families, have more contact, take advantage of this opportunity.