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Question: How do I know that my prayers are listened to by Krsna?

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Jayapataka Swami: Krsna says He hears everyone’s prayers. And those who pray to Krsna humbly and devotionally, Krsna receives their prayers and He reciprocates. ye yatha mam prapadyante tams tathaiva bhajamy aham. May be a matter of faith, how do you know Krsna is listening? Sometimes one devotee told me, they were praying to Radha Madhava in Mayapur, and he said ‘should I have Radha Krsna like you?’ And the pujari threw a flower and it landed right in his lap. So he took that as a sign. He also prayed to the Lord and the Lord dropped His garland. These are all considered as signs. So sometimes the Lord reciprocates and lets you know that He is listening. Lord Jagannath Baladeva Subadra Deities in Mayapur, Rajapur, are very active. One non-Hindu came into the temple and the pujari offered him some prasadam. He took it and threw it! ‘I don’t take anything offered to idols.’ The pujari said, ‘why do you come here? If you don’t have faith, then why do you come? We give prasad to all those people who come here and they have faith. If you don’t have faith, then do not come here.’ Then the non-Hindu left. The next day the non-Hindu came to the temple, and paid his flat obeisances, prostrate obeisances. Came to the pujari and said, ‘please can I have some prasad?’ The pujari said, ‘what is wrong with you? Yesterday you threw the prasad and today you are begging for it? What happened?’ He said, ‘last night in my dream, one with the white face, He came up and held my throat and said, you threw My Brother’s prasadam, I am going to kill you! And the lady with the yellow face, said, get him! Hit him! I was so scared. And the one with the big smile with a black face. Oh just spare him, it is his first offence. He is not that bad! So the one with black face with a big smile, with broad eyes he saved me. I believe in prasadam! I believe! I BELIEVE! I DO BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! I will never throw prasad again.’ So sometimes Lord shows His devotees that He listens. Maybe someone who doesn’t have any faith, the Lord reciprocates but He doesn’t show anything. But someone who has faith, He shows. Sometimes He gives special mercy. Like this non-Hindu who threw prasadam. He gave him some special mercy. After that he believed. I believe, I believe I BELIEVE he said. You believe? Do you believe? Ha! Ha!