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Question: How to serve guru maharaj every day? How to please gurudev?

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Jayapataka Swami: I don’t know why you haven’t received this answer yet! You can serve the guru every day. We sing the guru astakam prayers in the morning. If we have Gayatri mantra, we chant our guru pranam and Guru Gayatri. There are different ways we worship the guru. If we offer prasadam, we say the pranam mantra of the guru, and then we say the mantra of Lord Caitanya, and then we say the mantra of Lord Krsna. So I don’t know what you are doing? How are you eating? If you are not eating prasadam, then what is the point? As a vaisnavi, you should eat prasadam and if you eat prasadam, then that means you have offered the food, and if you have offered the food then you have to pay obeisances to the guru! So there are many ways that we worship the guru every day. And we carry out his instructions and if we take initiation, then we follow the guru’s orders to follow the four regulative principles, to help myself, to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s mission, and to chant every day at least 16 rounds. If you are not initiated, then at least if you can chant some rounds every day. That is also a service to guru, service to Krsna, service to guru. And you can please me by helping with the preaching. By distributing books, by helping expand the bhakti vrksa, namahatta, that is also very pleasing to me, in a nutshell!