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Short Video Offering on 51st sannyasa anniversary

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This is a very nice video offering made by Advaita Chandra dasa and Kalasudha devi dasi on my 51st sannyasa anniversary. They have shared a wonderful pastime revealed by Srila Vishwanatha Chakravarthy Thakur, in his book Svapna Vilasa.

Once Radharani had a dream, in which she saw a very beautiful golden form. This form of a Brahmana was chanting with His arms raised and was dancing ecstatically. All around thousands of people were chanting and dancing and He was flooding the whole universe with love of God. He was crying out – “O My Lord Krsna! Where are you?” “O My Beloved Radha! Where are You? Then Radharani saw the exact pastime in Krsna’s Kaustubha mani and she understood that both of Them will incarnate in Kaliyuga to spread Krsna prema. Srimati Radharani then created Sri Navadvipa Dhama.

Checkout out this inspiring video at: