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Question: Can I worship Lord Balaji?

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Jayapataka Swami: Lord Caitanya visited Tirumala and His lotus feet are there. So in the pastime of Tirumala, of Balaji, Venketaswara, the devotee, Vedavati, who took the curse when Sita was taken by the fire god, in Her place, Vedavati was taken by Ravana. But She wanted to marry Rama. But Rama said pardon me, I have taken a vow, I can have only one wife in this pastime and She is Sita. But he said, in Kali yuga, I will accept Vedavati as My wife. So, in the pastime of Balaji, Vedavati came as Padmavati and He married Her. So Laksmi came and She was angry, why You have married someone else? He said, this is Vedavati. She said, oh it is alright! She took so much torturing from the demons on behalf of Her! But generally you can worship Balaji. But generally, you see Balaji in His original form had two hands. But then apparently Ramanujacarya asked Him to manifest four hands. So He did that. So I don’t know which form you want to worship Balaji in? We generally like to worship Krsna. Some people have great love for Lord Rama, or someone likes some other pastimes or avatars. You can worship Balaji, but generally we worship Him as an expansion of Lord Krsna. Hare Krsna!