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Question: I always have a lot of questions which I want to ask you but I don’t know English, so I need someone to translate for me. My question is you mentioned earlier that going to Mayapur is same as going to Vrndavana. If I commit any offence in Vrndavana I will be punished 1000 times, I am really afraid. I never went to Vrndavana. Shall I go to Vrndavana for pilgrimage or not? And I want to know that every time I want to go to Vrndavana, I should get your blessings or not? Or after the first blessing, I don’t need to ask for more permissions or blessings if I want to go to Vrndavana from time to time?

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Jayapataka Swami: Yes, no, very good! In Mayapur, there is not a 1000 times the effect of an offence. It is recommended in sastra that one should go to Mayapur, Navadvip dham, and then go to Vrndavana. How many times, I cannot say but at least one time in Mayapur and then Vrndavana.