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Question: I have heard in lectures that a pure devotee can see Krsna everywhere. That He is never out of your vision. At the same time in the Siksastakam prayer, Lord Caitanya says, Govinda, I am feeling Your separation to be like twelve years or more. I am feeling all vacant in the world in Your absence. How do we understand this.

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Jayapataka Swami: Seeing Krsna everywhere, is seeing the presence of Krsna in all the different activities. We see how Krsna is present in His energy. But at the same time, Lord Caitanya wanted to experiment you can say, what must be great love that Radharani had for Him. When I went to the Prema Sarovar in Vrndavana, they told me a pastime that there Radha and Krsna were sitting on a swing and a bumblebee came and was disturbing Radharani. So Krsna asked Madhumangal to chase away the bumblebee. So he chased the bumblebee away and he said, Madhusudhan has gone! So Madhusudhan is one of the names of Krsna. But literally, Madhusudhan means someone who is making honey or eats honey. It also means, one who has killed the Madhu demon. So it is a name of Krsna but you could also call a bee, Madhusudhan! So Madhumangal, he was meaning it in a sense of the bee has gone. But when Radharani heard Madhusudhan, Madhusudhan has left, She felt so much separation! Although, Krsna was sitting next to Her, She was feeling so much separation, that Krsna had gone! So She was crying! And then Krsna, seeing how much love Radharani had for Him. That although He was sitting there, although He was sitting next to Her, She was feeling separation from Him! So you can say this is the special love of Radharani, and Lord Caitanya was experiencing that love. Radha and Krsna, They cried so much in love of each other, They filled up the lake. So that lake is made by the tears of Radha and Krsna and is called Prema Sarovar. I still remember that and I took some water from there and sprayed it on people’s heads.
So what could be done in this lockdown? People could read Srila Prabhupada books. Instead of having Bhakti vrksa meetings every week, we can have every day or two days, online. And we can preach to people, how they should chant the holy names, and how they should be vegetarian.