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Question: For brahmacaris they are staying at the temple, so they are following a particular schedule. What should be the sleeping time, wake up time for grihasta devotees? And if anyone is enabled to follow the routine properly, can they progress in their Krsna consciousness?

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Jayapataka Swami:  What does she teach? Art? Somehow I see that here in Mayapur, after mangala arati, they have japa class for visitors and sometimes there are 500 visitors, or thousand visitors or 600 visitors. And they come to mangala arati, they chant one round of japa and we see how auspicious it is, mangala arati. I see on the Mayapur TV, I was told by the doctor I should avoid mixing with the crowds, because I am very susceptible to disease. But if one can attend the mangala arati, that is very auspicious. At least a couple of times a week. If one can attend the guru puja and class, that is also very good. So, how much sleep should the grihasta take? How much do you need? Ha! That you can go and attend the mangala arati. It was my desire that in the Master Plan we should have different smaller temples like community temples so that the grihastas could easily attend. But they haven’t designed that yet. So it is a distance to come from Gaur Nagar or Saci Nagar to the temple. One lady, she was hit by a car and it was a hit and run, she was found dead. So that is a bit dangerous to go alone on the road. I don’t know. As much as possible, for those grihastas who live in the community, it is very easy for them to attend the mangala arati. For those of them who live at the extreme end, it may be a bit difficult. At least, sometimes in the week they could attend, other times they could attend the class, the guru puja, you know. This morning program is very auspicious and as much as one can participate, it is very beneficial. Whether one can make advancement? It depends. If you have some reason like small children, cannot leave them alone, cannot take them along, I mean, I think that Krsna understands. But otherwise there is no reason why you shouldn’t attend, then why not? Definitely you benefit. Starting the day by seeing the deities, chanting Hare Krsna, certainly it is very auspicious.