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Question: During this time of pandemic, how can one increase the preaching efforts when going out and face to face contact has to be avoided?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, you have to use internet. Vaisesika prabhu sent out a group, door to door, just to find out. Everybody, almost 99% they were very interested to take the books. But some of the people said, leave the books on the verandah or whatever, and they came out and took the book and left the donation in an envelope, so as to avoid contact. But later he thought, maybe it is too dangerous! So I don’t know, maybe the BBT should come up with a quick system, how people can download the books from the internet. But people want the books. They want something to do. How you can deliver the books, avoiding the social contact. These are good things – washing the hands, avoiding social contact, these are things we should follow. But that is not going to cure the disease. So it may take a year for the vaccine, they are trying to find some method of treatment. The thing is that as I mentioned earlier, this virus is from the animals. We human beings, we do not have natural immunity. So this will take time. So this is a very good time for us to preach! People should be vegetarian, people should chant the holy names. We should try to understand the real purpose of life. I heard that some people, they increased their bhakti vrksa meetings. Some people said that they went on Skype and found millions of people there, and naturally they want some interaction on the internet. But you give me some suggestions, I will tell everybody else! If you have any ideas, how to increase the preaching? These are the things I thought of or what people have told me so far. Here the weather has changed, have a bit of cold. I don’t have a fever!!