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Question: Can you please say how to keep ourselves inspired to wake up early and attend mangala arati?

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Jayapataka Swami: When I am travelling or even in Mayapur, whenever possible I attend the mangala arati. Because on Mayapur.TV, it is so inspiring to see the deities, to see the worship, to see what Srila Prabhupada has given us, it is surely a wonderful thing! Sometimes after late preaching, it is hard to get up for mangala arati. But recently I have been told that I should avoid crowds. At the airport there was so much crowd, very blissful devotees. But for me I am very happy at the moment. But physically I may not be able to sustain good health because I am on immunosuppressant drugs and for the first couple of years because of these iimmunosuppressant drugs I may be more susceptible to infection. And if I get infection, it could be very dangerous. So people have to keep a certain distance away. So I cannot go to the mangala arati because in Mayapur because of the huge crowds. But in India and even anywhere in the east, it is possible to watch the mangala arati on the internet. So I participate in the mangala arati at that time. And I was just thinking how fortunate all the devotees are, even if they are grihastas, get up in their house if they live far from the temple, in the house they do mangala arati, that is the auspicious way to start the day. Haribol!