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Question: How to overcome obstacles in devotional life if it keeps on coming and we get stuck and cannot move forward?

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Jayapataka Swami: We can cross over the obstacles by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga! Obstacles are little tests so that we can strengthen ourselves by taking the tests. Very quickly you can achieve Krsna’s Lotus Feet by passing the test. Obstacles will always come, but we have to surrender to Krsna and cross over these obstacles. Actually there is a sloka from the Bhagavatam which says, tivrena bhakti yogena. Just as the river flows to the ocean and nothing can stop the water. Water somehow reaches the ocean. Similarly, the pure devotion of the devotee reaches to Krsna and nothing stops that. There is not really any obstacle that can stop pure devotion. Maybe it is an obstacle to enjoy sense gratification, those obstacles come up. I don’t know exactly what obstacle there is for one’s devotional service. You can write to me what obstacles you are facing. Hare Krsna.