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Question: How do we continue our devotional service with uninterrupted, unmotivated way when we have some material problems? When everything is going good, it is easy to go on with our service in an uninterrupted and unmotivated way but when we have problems, how do we do that?

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Jayapataka Swami: Thank you for asking your own question. You see, bhakti is not that everything should be easy. Yasoda was worried about Krsna that all the paths had stones and Krsna’s soft feet would get hurt. So we have to go through different tests. The final test is at the time of death. So if we are praying to face all the problems and overcome them, then we can also face death. Then there will be no problem. So they say, that why in universities they have so many exams? We study but no exams. That is part of the education that we have exams. So we also in bhakti yoga, we have different tests. If you pass the test, then you move on! But if you fail the test, you have to take it again, and again, and again, unless you pass it! So we want you to pass the test! And Krsna, He sees that all of you are taking tests and you stay fixed in Krsna conscious, He is very grateful. Arjuna, when he fought in the battle of Kuruksetra, he had to go through many tests! When Krsna told him, you follow Me and I will protect you so rather speaking of our tests, they are much smaller! But Krsna does not give us a test that we cannot cross over. We take shelter of guru, we take shelter of sastra, we take shelter of sadhu.