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Question: Today you spoke about how you want all your disciples to go home back to Godhead and that you want them to chant without offences. And my question is that, if a husband and wife, if both of them are initiated disciples, and if the husband beats the wife or give her some psychological harassment, or inflict atrocities on her psychologically or physically sometimes beat her sometimes to such an extent that she has to be hospitalized, in such cases, is the husband performing Vaisnava aparadha? Or not and how does it affect the guru?

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Jayapataka Swami: Certainly if one is inflicting atrocities on a Vaisnavi, it is a Vaisnava aparadha. If one will act in this way, how will he go back to Godhead, back to the Lord? The Bhāgavatam tells us that a husband should never fight or quarrel with the wife in this way. But sometimes the ladies, they become a little emotional. But it is the duty of the man to not come down to that low level. I have not entered into gṛhastha asrama, I never married, but the scriptures say that when a man is in this kind of a situation, he should simply leave that place, go outside, cool off his head and then return home.