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Question: How to develop the mood of selflessness towards devotees?

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Jayapataka Swami: In the material world we are trying to exploit the material nature with our senses. Just like, we went to the mall today to exercise. It is a good place to cycle. But there was an advertisement, please have unlimited chopsticks(?) and so there were trying to attract people’s tongues, that go on the second floor, go to the food court and just like your tongue goes wow! Wow! So like that we tend to see other people in terms of how they can gratify our senses. But a devotee, he wants to serve Krsna, he doesn’t want to exploit material nature. Being in this world, naturally there is some desire to enjoy. Naturally, we take Krsna prasadam not bhoga. And then where it is possible, we try to have Krsna conscious children, and in every respect we try to engage ourselves in Krsna’s service. If we have that attitude, then instead of seeing people in terms of how they gratify our senses, we see them in terms of how we can help them be Krsna conscious, or how we can assist them in making others Krsna conscious, depending on who it is.
 03-October-2019 CHENNAI, INDIA