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Question: I have a question about milk products. Many devotees have different opinions about buying regular milk from the store or they are becoming vegans. I want to know what is your position?

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Jayapataka Swami: We can have ahimsa milk that is a good thing. We protect the cow; vaisya’s duty according to the Bhagavad-gita is krishi go raksha, protecting the cow. Now since most of the commercial milk is not ahimsa, they kill the cow. My personal concern is, that, first of all Srila Prabhupada would take it, if we offer to Krsna, the cow is benefited. If we don’t offer it, will they stop killing cows? Reason they are keeping the cow alive is because it is giving milk. They are just using the cow for some commercial purpose. But at least if we offer the milk to Krsna, that helps the cow. Just like, years ago there was no such thing as organic food. But now people are buying organic vegetables, organic this and that. So in the same way, if we are willing to pay extra money and get ahimsa milk, have farmers raise cows and don’t kill them, that they die of natural death, old age. I think we should go for that rather than stop drinking milk. Just like they have the people that promoted the organic movement, they certify that this farm is organic, they become multi-millionaires. So you know, our Cow minister, he recommended that we should offer our deities ahimsa milk products. I just got some cheese and milk sent from Gita Nagari from ahimsa cows. We have a farms in New Talavan, Murari Seva. So if we take the milk and protect the cows that will be ideal. We want ahimsa milk, go raksha. But until that is available, we should be willing to pay extra. But to stop drinking milk, how will that help anyone? How will that help the cow? That is my concern. That by offering the milk to Krsna let them benefit.
HG Ekanath Gaura das: I think the question is not because they kill the cow after, but because they torture the cow to get the milk. In order for us to take the milk they torture the cow. That is the main concern. Every time milk is taken, it comes by torturing them. That is why devotees are becoming vegan.
Jayapataka Swami: In Mayapur we have a dairy, we protect the cows. We don’t torture the cows. They willingly give the milk.
Ekanath Gaura das: I am talking about the factory where they put all the cows together, they put all the machines. They don’t let them eat, they don’t let them move, factory farms.
Jayapataka Swami: So if you don’t take milk, will they stop doing that.
Ekanath Gaura das: At least we are not part of that.
Jayapataka Swami: I am offering it to Krsna, they will get some spiritual benefit, which you are depriving them from. They are being tortured any way. I don’t know if that is torture for them but, any way, it is my personal viewpoint. As I said, different people have different viewpoints.